Owner Code Application Form

If you wish to import into Australia you have to be registered with Australian Customs this is the form.

A: Importing Name
(This is the name to be shown as "OWNER" on Customs entries)

B: If Importing Name is a Registered Australian Company 
write in your Australian Company Registration Number .A.C.N 
(Note ABN is item D)

C: If Business Name

Full Name of Owner

Date of Birth

Residential Address



Post Code

Phone No

Fax No

Date of Registration

Place of Registration

D: Australian Business Number (ABN)

E: Other Business Name Used

F: Other Company Names used and Registered Company Numbers.
Company Name:
Company Number:

G: Previous Owner Code.
Number Current / Non Current

H: GST BAS Statements.
Are you doing them monthly or three monthly
If monthly you can defer your GST on the Commercial Invoice till your next BAS statement
If 3 monthly you have to pay your GST upon arrival of goods.


* You are required to put in your name and email address,
then click submit for your details to come back to us

Name *

Email *

An administration fee applies when submitting to Australian Customs.

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